Clever Dripper


The Clever Coffee Dripper is as the names suggests, ‘clever’. it’s also easy to use and gives exceptional coffee brewing results.

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The dripper will fit on cups and thermoses with tops wider than 4 cm and less than 7,5 cm in diameter. Of course, if you put the dripper on a very narrow thermos, you should make sure the dripper is stable.

The Clever Coffee Dripper has advanced the concept of Full Immersion Coffee Brewing by creating an easy way to brew without bitterness, acidity or loose grounds. The difference is it’s new shut-off valve system. Instead of pushing the grounds to the bottom of the brew carafe, the grounds settle naturally. We simply can’t think of a single better way to easily, consitently, produce a clean and full-bodied cup of coffee, time after time, without the hassle of cleaning up coffee grounds.

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