Most people drink their morning coffee with sugar, a little milk, cream or “black” if they think that life is raw and there is no need for sweetening. But pure coffee is not to everyone’s taste, and most of us need to soften the bitterness a little or even “decorate” the taste a little. For the latter, respectively, sugar and cream are too trivial, so you have to resort to something more interesting. Here are 10 more interesting coffee supplements that have actually been used by real people. Honestly.

1. Oil

In fact, oil in coffee is a fashion that is gaining momentum among Hollywood stars and American students – two groups of people who should be trusted unconditionally. We joke about the latter. Well, the recipe is called “Impenetrable Coffee” and is a mixture of coffee, butter and coconut oil. It is said that this type of coffee gives energy as a carbonated energy drink and even loses weight from it. From a drink with 2 types of butter. We lived to see it!

2. Salt

We have drank such coffee, sometimes because of carelessness, sometimes because of that colleague with extremely unoriginal practical jokes, but never at will. Well, there is already such an option. Salt is also said to soften the bitter taste of coffee, especially if mixed with beans before grinding. Salt is also a good addition to ice coffee. Especially to the colleague’s ice coffee with the extremely unoriginal practical jokes, yes!

3. Cardamom

Want an exotic touch in your coffee? Cardamom solves your problems. And while you’re wondering if it’s spelled “cardamom” or “cardamom,” let’s clarify – the eastern spice neutralizes caffeine, so forget to put it in your morning coffee, and do not wonder how you got to work and why you’re still in your pyjamas. By the way, cardamom (we chose) is often used in Ayurvedic medicine because it raises the spirit, reduces pain and calms the mind, and it is quite legally. For this, boldly put in the afternoon coffee.

4. Egg

Did you laugh at the butter, didn’t you? Scandinavian egg coffee is a traditional drink in Norway – you mix a raw egg with coffee beans and boil the whole thing in water. Then you strain and get amber-colored coffee, which is not so bitter, but has retained its useful oils. Now that we’ve written it, it doesn’t sound too bad…

5. Ice cream

Why not? If you add sugar and cream, and the original ice cream is just that, then you should try. But a little – after all, coffee is drunk, not eaten.

6. Vanilla extract

Pure vanilla extract is a perfect substitute for all the artificial sweeteners and sugars you typically put in your morning coffee. Just a few drops and your coffee is sweetened, plus a light vanilla aroma, minus artificial preservatives.

7. Condensed milk (but canned)

You put a small spoon in the cafe and immediately forget about the existence of normal cow’s milk. The condensed is also sweetened – you forget about the sugar. A traditional drink in Vietnam (you see), coffee with condensed milk is super easy to make and tastes like Starbuck lattes.

8. Tonic

Carbonated cold coffee anyone? A popular drink in Sweden – you pour cold espresso on an ice tonic and drink. Refreshing and citrusy, say the Swedes. Bitter coffee with a bitter tonic, we hear. But it will be tried on a hot summer day, no way.

9. Coca Cola

There are no surprises here. And we drank it, it’s great. But! We recommend the following – pour a cup of coffee into a large glass of water, top up with a coca-cola and quickly pound a scoop of ice cream inside! Your relationship with the cafe cleaner or your wife will no longer be the same, we promise.

10. Peanut butter

Butter again, but peanuts. If you’ve tried peanut butter, you know it’s the greatest human invention, after the internal combustion engine and the Blue Bag Coffee. One teaspoon adds creaminess, a light peanut flavour and a few grams of protein. Perfect.

 And if you like a good coffee while reading this article, check out our coffees here – We promise you that they are great without having to add eggs, ham and cherries.