About us

Inna Ivanova

We are a passionate and dedicated team consisting of a coffee roaster, head barista and baristas with special skills. Working together, we create the perfect combination of skills to deliver a competitive environment and most importantly a palette of flavours and aromas. Our common goal is to provide customers with unforgettable taste experiences.

We believe in quality and innovation, so we use freshly selected coffee raw material, fresh ingredients for tea, cocoa and cascara. The feeling of a perfect product gives us the hope to keep taking quality care of our customers.


Our team

Deyan Georgiev


+359 878 58 01 71

Francisco Lopez

Head barista

+359 892 06 41 87

Hristo Yankov

head barista

+359 877 27 73 55

about the coffee


Coffee is a fruit that hides a variety of notes and over 800 flavours. Depending on its terroir, the altitude at which it is grown and the roasting profile, we can unlock different notes. In the lighter roast, the acidity is higher, but on the other hand, the mostly acidic fruit notes are very pleasant to wake up to in the morning. If you can't tolerate such acidity and are looking for coffees that taste of cocoa, chocolate, caramel or vanilla, then choose medium roast coffees. But we don't recommend drinking coffee that is very dark or black roasted.



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The Beginning

Blue Bag was founded in 2012 in Mexico by Carla Tammekand, her twin sister Tania Tammekand and their father Ron Tammekand. In 2013, Tania Tammekand sold her share to Inna Ivanova. Carla and Inna met in 2003 in Monaco, where they lived and studied together at the same university.

The Way

The brand was brought to Europe by the two young ladies, then developed by Inna, Deyan Georgiev and Alex Zlatilov. After 8 years of practice, hard work and constant learning, Deyan and Inna created their new factory where Blu Bag coffee is roasted by our team.


In 9 years we have built the factory 3 times, which has made us more resilient, more confident and more experienced in the industry. We keep updating our range of coffees, keep up with new trends in the industry, communicate with international partners and competitors.


The advantage of living outside Bulgaria makes us competitive and the diligence to build a business in our homeland gives us sustainability. We hope to meet you and be able to meet your expectations.