Colombia El Indio


Taste Notes:

passion fruit | chocolate | wine | orange

Colombia El Indio

Processing: Natural

Height: 1500 - 2150 м.

Variety: Caturra

Region: Tolima, Colombia

The farm:  Planadas

This microlot is 100% Caturra. The variety itself originates from Minas, Gerrais, Brazil, being a naturally mutated Red Bourbon. Caturra produces more yield and is more resistant to plant diseases. The coffee is harvested carefully by hand, collecting only the ripe coffee beans, which are then sorted to remove defective beans. The coffee is dried on so-called raised beds, monitoring the temperature and environmental influences to achieve ideal humidity.



Weight 0.26 kg

1000g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g.

Grinding method

Chemex, Pour over, Aeropress - coarse, Aeropress - fine, Jazzwe, Espresso, Beans, Coffee maker, Filter, French press


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