Costa Rica Marespi


Taste Notes:

green apple | sweet caramel | milk chocolate

Costa Rica Marespi

Processing: White Honey

Height: 1600 - 1700 м.

Variety: Catuai | Caturra

Region: San Carlos de Mollejones, Perez Zeledon

Station:  Marespi

As the third generation in coffee cultivation and production, Mr. Rafael Lorenzo Marin Zuniglia, together with his wife Silvia Elena Espinoza, founded a 100 hectare coffee estate. One of his 11 children, Mr Ángel Marín Espinosa, took the initiative to found the Marespi mill in 2006 to improve the supply of coffee producers. In 2017/2018, Mr. Angel Marin had a vision of vertical integration and founded a coffee export company "Coffee Experts CRC" SRL , which is under the leadership of Angel Marin's son, Juan Carlos Marin Valenciano. Johnny Marin Badila, Juan Carlos' cousin, is the production manager at the Marespi mill.
"Without forgetting our roots, Marespi has been instrumental in creating jobs in Perez Zeledon, in the south of the country." This has formed a great team of collaborators whose training has expanded throughout the year. By promoting the coffee production activity, the company generates a positive economic impact for a significant number of people, which creates a sustainable environment for all. The production area of the farm is 100 hectares plus the farms of other coffee producers.



Weight 0.22 kg

1000g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g.

Grinding method

Chemex, Pour over, Aeropress - coarse, Aeropress - fine, Jazzwe, Espresso, Beans, Coffee maker, Filter, French press


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