Guatemala Santa Rosa


Taste Notes:

tangerine | orange | dried apricots | caramelized sugar

Guatemala Santa Rosa

Processing: Washed

Height: 2000м.

Region: Jalapa, Santa Rosa

The farm: Las Nueces

Don Amildo Morales married when he was 27 years old to Laura Angelica Gonzalez de Morales and they started a family, buying the first farm called Las Nueces from his cousins in 1986. They traveled to Freihanes to buy their first coffee seed, which was (Catuai) Catuai. A few years later they went to El Salvador with friends and got (Paca) Paca coffee seeds, which they planted at 2000m altitude. At that time it was very difficult because there were no roads, so Don Amildo first started pushing the community to build roads so the pickers could bring the coffee, because in the years back it was only done with horses. Amildo Morales Jr. follows his father's path and takes care of Las Nueces along with his son, Amildo Jr. Jr. who takes care of the new types of coffee seeds and microlots that they are trying to grow, like well-cultivated coffeesin the area of Jalapa, Santa Rosa.



Weight 0.22 kg

1000g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g.

Grinding method

Chemex, Pour over, Aeropress - coarse, Aeropress - fine, Jazzwe, Espresso, Beans, Coffee maker, Filter, French press


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