About Us

We are big fans of coffee, for which we have to give credit to our parents for showing us how to learn lessons and drink coffee at night. That's how we got excited about it.

Using one of the best, oldest and richest in history roasting machines on the market

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high quality Beans

As big fans of coffee, we are on the constant look for unique coffee farms, either through coffee-hunters or by direct contact. We use different methods to reach and offer repeatedly some coffee types, while for others we compete with companies from all the world

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Quality Milk

To make a delicious cappuccino, late or mocha, you need to use milk that is over 3% fat and should be heated to 57 ° – 63 ° C.  This way you will not the sugars contained inside the milk. Then add good coffee, roasted with the right profile, you will have a sweet enough drink without the need for more sugar.

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Perfect Blend

There is no such thing as perfect taste or perfect blend. It all depends on the region in which you sell, or the market you target. What a “Perfect blend” means to us? Dense body, fruit shades, chocolate flavors, caramel notes and balanced acidity. 

We roast delicious coffees

Coffee is a fruit that has a variety of notes and over 800 flavors. According to its terroir, the altitude at which it grows, as well as its roasting profile, we can unlock different notes. Light roasted coffee has higher acidity, but on the other hand you can catch different fruit notes, which are very pleasant for waking up in the morning. If you can’t stand such acidity and are looking for cocoa, chocolate, caramel or vanilla tasting coffees, choose medium-roasted coffees. But we recommend that you do not drink coffee that is very dark or black roasted.

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Our Story

Blue Bag was founded in 2012 in Mexico by Кarla Tammekand, her twin sister Tania Tammekand and their father Ron Tammekand. In 2013, Tania Tammekand sold her share to Inna Ivanova. Кarla and Inna met in 2003 in Monaco, where they lived and studied together at the same university. The brand was brought to Europe by the two young ladies, then developed by Inna, Deyan Georgiev and Alex Zlatilov. After 8 years of practice, hard work and constant learning, Deyan and Inna created their new factory where Blue Bag coffee is roasted by our team. In 8 years we have built the factory 3 times, which has made us more sustainable, more confident and more experienced in the industry. We keep updating our range of coffees, keeping up with new trends in the industry, communicating with international partners and competitors. The advantage of living outside Bulgaria made us competitive and the zeal to build business in our homeland gives us sustainability. We hope to meet you and be able to meet your expectations.