introduction to coffee

Coffee – the drink that many people can’t get through the day without. We consume it every day without thinking about what coffee actually is. Where does it come from, how is it picked and produced? What different types are there, what is the difference between them? Why are some coffees expensive and others quite budget? Ways of preparing our favourite drink – what is espresso, cold-brew or others? What do we like in a coffee? All these and many other questions we will try to answer.

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In this course, we will talk about what coffee is and what the processes are before it reaches us in the state we know it, from the moment of sowing on the farm, to the cup of flavorful coffee drink.

The presenter will prepare the most characteristic and famous coffee drinks so you can see and try them live. You will learn how and what you need to prepare them in a home environment.

Then we’ll have some food and conversation.

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11. March. 2023 from here


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11. March 2023 г. @ 10:30 a.m. Saturday until 1:30 p.m.

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Всички участници в курса получават….

⁨Francisco-Daniel Lopez⁩

⁨Francisco-Daniel Lopez⁩

Barista and mixologist with years of experience and certified coffee roaster

Francisco-Daniel Lopez, or Frankie for short. With a mission to introduce specialty coffees and promote the third wave of coffee masters in Bulgaria. Latte art master and novice amateur pastry chef. Frankie will fascinate you with interesting stories and facts about everyone’s favorite coffee.

During the course you will learn:


  • How coffee is produced and what makes one coffee brand different from another;
  • What are the main characteristics of different types of coffee;
  • What are the main types of coffee drinks and how they are prepared;

Course includes


  • 1 visit and tasting of 3 different high-end coffees;
  • Guest instructor / lecturer – barista with years of experience – Francisco-Daniel Lopez;
  • Detailed lecture on coffee;
  • Interactive tasting materials
  • A unique and fun experience that will fill you with cheer

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