Siphon | Vacuum Pot – Yama TCA 5d



  • Brewing filter coffee device ,handmade, manufactured with blown borosilicate glass and wood
  • It consists of two heat-resistance glass chambers, a stand and cover of the upper chamber. Packaging includes coffee measuring spoon, one filter cloth and reusable metal filter assembly.
  • The hot water, by the pressure generated by the boiling of the water in the lower chamber, passes to the upper chamber, so as to extract the ground coffee with all its aromas. Then, after you remove the heating plate, the extracted coffee is syphoned back to the serving chamber.
  • Impressive brewing method that attracts the looks and has excellent tasty results. A magic!
  • Dimensions: 130x150x390mm
  • The alcohol burner is not included in the package.
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 13 × 15 × 39 cm