Green Coffee Colombia washed Arabica Excelso EP

Taste: red berries, wine, maple syrup

Acidity: intensive wine

Body: mellow

Package: 70 kg bag

Variety: Castillo

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1300-2300m

Region: Popayan

Producers: small farms

Harvest: Sept-Dec & March-June

Colombia washed Arabica Excelso EP

Towards southern Colombia, the three cordilleras find their way back to becoming one mountain range, creating a knot. Shortly before this knot lies the city of Popayán, the capital of the state Cauca. It is also called „Ciudad Blanca“ – the white city – due to its colonial architecture with plenty of white buidlings in the city center. To the east, the Popayán plateau borders Huila. Due to the altitude and its proximity to the equator and the surrounding mountains, the so-called Meseta de Popayán provides a very stable climate year and rich volcanic soils – and therefore an attractive environment for growing coffee.

Coffees from the Popayán area are mostly grown on smallholder farms ranging from 5 to 10 hectares. From there, coffee is brought to central washing stations where the small lots are compiled. This coffee from Popayán usually comes with heavy dark berry notes that create a particular cup profile used in many ways.