We believe in the taste of real, fresh coffee

We carefully roast each new coffee to extract its best flavour characteristics.


We have been importing raw coffee for 9 years. Every coffee bean that reaches us is sourced, and we have full information on every farm or cooperative it arrives from.


Each coffee bean is carefully selected, hand-picked at the right moment of its ripening. After the picking process and depending on the farmer and his location, it is carefully dried or washed, processed and prepared for transport.


Roasting specialty coffees requires consistency, weekly cupping, and a technique for a completely controlled process. We've put it all together, but we've also added participation in international lectures and courses.


Raw coffee comes to us within 10 days after unloading from the ship. We roast, you enjoy the aroma we deliver in Bulgaria within a day and in Europe within a week.

We at Blue Bug have a goal, and that is to show you the taste of coffee. It lies in the product of painstaking care and lack of compromise at every step of its journey from farm to cup.

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