Colombia Older Brother


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Colombia Older Brother

Variety: Castillo и Colombia from Campo Alegre
Processing: Anaerobic
Altitude: 1100 м.
Region: Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is home to four main indigenous tribes, the Arhuacos, Kankuamos, Wiwas and Koguis, who were subject to centuries of colonization by the Spanish after all that in the Americas. They are the few survivors of the chosen inhabitants of Colombia, many of whom were killed, contracted European diseases, or forced to adapt to foreign customs. The indigenous groups of the area around Santa Marta survived the centuries of colonization mainly because of their ability to retreat into the mountains and jungles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The unique climate of the lower slopes, with warm breezes, high altitude and temperature ranges, strong biodiversity and a history of land management by farmers in this area, creates a completely unique coffee terroir. Campo Alegre is located in the community of Centrál Córdoba, outside the city of Santa Marta. Despite its modest altitude, Campo Alegre produces some exceptional coffees.
Originally established in 1997 by 22 local producers who had no representation for their coffee. Red Ecolsierra was formalized in 2001 and today, 20 years later, the cooperative represents 340 families engaged in organic farming in the Sierra Nevada region.


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1kg, 200gr, 250гр., 500gr

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Aeropress – fine, Aeropress – large, Beans, Cezve, Chemex, Coffeemaker, Espresso, Filtered coffee, French press, Pourover