El Salvador El Borbollon




Slight sweetness | milk chocolate hints of maracuya | smooth body |  citric acidity

El Salvador El Borbollon

Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1350 – 1500 m.
Region: Santa Ana Volcano, Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain Range, Salvador
Producer: Finca El Borbollon

Finca El Borbollón is located in the north-west of El Salvador, in the heart of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec area, which has been declared “World Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 2007 belonging to the Central Volcanic Chain of El Salvador. Its core areas preserve remnants of natural ecosystems of high ecological significance. Within this idyllic scenery, the Alvarez family founded Finca El Borbollón in the 1980s. From the very beginning they were aware of the great responsibility that comes along with coffee cultivation in such a sensitive and yet well-preserved environment. By focusing on specialty coffee cultivation only, they have managed to achieve and maintain a high level of quality that has gained them a world-wide reputation. Although the farm is not certified, their practices strictly follow the Rainforest Alliance standards to ensure a coherent sustainable approach towards coffee growing.
As part of this pursue, coffee is solely shade-grown. The workers receive continuous training resulting in a careful selection of only the truly ripe cherries as well as a flawless processing. In order to ensure an optimal moisture content, this coffee was dried on clay patios in the final drying phase. All in all this coffee excels through the careful dedication by each hand it has gone through. Dedication that is reflected in each cup of this Salvadorian coffee.

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1kg, 200gr, 500gr

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Aeropress – fine, Aeropress – large, Beans, Cezve, Chemex, Coffeemaker, Espresso, Filtered coffee, French press, Pourover