Guatemala Betelgeuse



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Guatemala Betelgeuse

Variety: Marsellesa
Processing: Anaerobic
Altitude: 1000 – 1450 м.
Region: San Marcos

Guatemala Betelgeuse is a specialty coffee grown by farmer Stuardo Coto at El Paraiso Farm. El Paraiso (Paradise) is a 347-hectare farm established in 1976, located at an altitude between 1000 and 1450 meters above sea level. Coffee plantations grow in volcanic soil that is favorable for coffeeWhen Stuardo Cotto took over from his father in 1985, he deepened this commitment not only to the land but to the people who work it, in part because he understood that a workforce treated with dignity would be more likely to protect the mountain. That’s why Cotos pay their workers more than the government requires and provide comfortable housing. They are also building a school for students from preschool to high school that serves the entire district. A special program for older students focuses on growing coffee in harmony with nature, using the Platanillo method.

Coto’s commitment to nature and community well-being is also the form of the Rainforest Alliance. In fact, when Stuardo and his son Samuel (who now helps and manages operations) decided to become certified in 2000, they found they already meet many of the stringent sustainability requirements. Not only are they certified by the Rainforest Alliance, but in 2011 El Platanillo method became the first in the world to achieve the “favorable climate” verification. Climate-smart practices have since been incorporated into the Rainforest Alliance standard, but the Cotto family’s early adoption of these methods simply shows how far-sighted they are: true visionaries of sustainability.

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