29 919.00лв.

·       Dimensions: 940x510x525 mm

·       Voltage / Watt: 400V / 5100W

·       Boiler: Hot water steam 13 lt, coffee 3 x 0,5lt

·       Group: 3

·       Weight: 88 Kg

·       Independent boiler for hot water and steam


·       Available in Black and White

Technical data

·       Independently operated groups because of the existence of independent boiler in each group

·       Each group can be assigned different brewing temperature. Electronically temperature control in each group and with the precision of 1/10°C (DTCS)

·       Automatic interaction between the machine and the grinder tha allows the machine to adjust the grinder (GCS)

·       Multi – functional touch panel – easy to use programming and complete overview of all machine functions and settings.

·       Reinforced casing of each brewing unit for temperature stability even in the longest shots.

·       LPS (Lower Power System) ensures 40% lower energy consumption than any other traditional machine.

Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 94 × 51 × 52.5 cm