Taste Box #1


Fly to the world of Latin America with Box #1 from Blue Bag.

We have combined freshly roasted coffees by which you can choose your favorite espresso flavor.

  1. Mexico Chiapas – notes of raspberries, dark chocolate, vanilla and nuts
  2. Brazil Toffee – notes of chocolate, caramel and honey
  3. Blue House Blend – notes of chocolate, honey and strawberry
  4. Base Camp Omni Blend – notes of pomegranate and peach
  5. Colombia Popayan – notes of nuts and roasted caramel

Espresso Box.

Freshly roasted coffees by Blue Bag for a fine espresso taste.

  • 100g Mexico Chiapas
  • 100g Brazil Toffee
  • 100g Blue House Blend
  • 100g Base Camp Omni Blend
  • 100g Colombia Popayan


Weight 0.730 kg


Начин на смилане

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