Taste Box #2


Enter the world of Blue Bag with box #2 and choose your filter coffee.

We have selected freshly roasted coffees through which you can choose your favorite flavor to prepare by filtration.

  1. Colombia Older Brothers – notes of red cherries, orange and white wine
  2. Costa Rica 1961 – notes of berries, milk chocolate, cherry, camomile flower, magnolia flower
  3. Ethiopia Guji – notes of berries, honey and strawberry
  4. Guatemala Huehuetenango – notes of chocolate and fruits
  5. Nicaragua Los Altiplanos – notes of chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, forest fruit jam

Filter Coffee Box.

Blue Bag coffee suitable for preparation by filtration.

  • 100g Colombia Older Brothers
  • 100g Costa Rica 1961
  • 100g Ethiopia Guji Gr1
  • 100g Guatemala Huehuetenango
  • 100g Nicaragua Los Altiplanos


Weight 0.730 kg


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