Taste Box #4



Welcome to the world of Blue Bag with box #4

  1. Guatemela Alnilam coffee –notes of roasted hazelnut, walnut, liqueur, cranberries, red grapes, (86/100)
  2. Guatemala Betelgeus coffee – notes of peach, marzipan, caramel, almonds (87/100)
  3. Peppermint tea –  dry sprig of peppermint
  4. Fruit tea – a mix of berries, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, hibiscus and elderberries
  5. Rooibos tea – ooibos stalk, caramel cubes, kola nuts
  6. Tea filters

Rarity Coffee and Tea

  • 200g Guatemala Alnilam FFL
  • 200g Guatemala Betelgeuse FH
  • 50g Rooibos tea
  • 80g Fruit Tea
  • 25g Peppermint tea
  • 1pc Tea Filter Box


Weight 0.600 kg
Grind type

Aeropress – fine, Aeropress – large, Beans, Cezve, Chemex, Coffeemaker, Espresso, Filtered coffee, French press, Pourover